General Terms and Conditions – Klippitznest

(This translation is for explanatory reasons only. The Dutch version “Algemene voorwaarden Klippitznest” is binding.)

1. Application
1.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to all offers, reservations and agreements relating to all accommodation and other facilities which are rented by Klippitznest
1.2 In these Conditions, the term “tenant” means the person with whom Klippitznest has an agreement with respect to hire / use of the accommodation. The term “user” means the tenant and persons specified by the tenant who (will) make use of the rented accommodation.
1.3 These Terms and Conditions apply regardless of your (previous) reference to any other conditions. Klippitznest disclaims any conditions to which you (might) refer.

2. Reservations
2.1 Klippitznest only accepts bookings by persons from 18 years or older. Bookings by persons under that age are not valid.
2.2 Klippitznest reserves the right at any time – without reason – to refuse to deal with a reservation.
2.3 Klippitznest sends you a written confirmation / e-mail also invoice within 14 days when accepting the reservation. You should immediately upon receipt check and control the information for accuracy. Any inaccuracies should be immediately communicated to Klippitznest.
2.4 If after 14 days after providing the reservation you are not in possession of a written confirmation/invoice via e-mail, you should immediately contact the reservation department. If you should fail to do so no appeal can be made to the reservation.
2.5 Between you and Klippitznest an agreement will be in place at the time Klippitznest sends a written confirmation of your reservation/invoice to you by e-mail.
2.6 The agreement covers rental of accommodation for recreational use, which by its nature is of short duration.

3. Amendments to the Agreement
3.1 If you, after the conclusion of the Agreement, wish to make amendments to the agreement Klippitznest is not obligated to accept these. It is at the discretion of Klippitznest to determine whether and to what extent those changes are accepted. In case Klippitznest accepts your changes, Klippitznest is entitled to charge you a fee for these changes.

4. In-the-site argument
4.1 The tenant and other users of the accommodation are not permitted in any way or for whatever reason to have others take their place unless otherwise agreed in writing with Klippitznest.
4.2 In any case you the tenant remain responsible and liable to the payment (to Klippitznest) of the outstanding portion of the rent, the modification costs (see Art. 3.1) and any additional costs resulting from the replacement and possible cancellation.

5. Prices
5.1 You are due to pay to Klippitznest the agreed rent, as stated in the written e-mail confirmation/invoice of the reservation. If the cost of Klippitznest (personnel, energy, taxes, etc.) after the conclusion of the agreement has demonstrably and unforeseen increased Klippitznest has the right to raise and charge. If this price increase will be implemented within 3 months after the agreement is signed, it will increase up to 5% of the previously agreed price and you will be entitled to under the agreement to dissolve (cancel).
5.2 Discounts and / or special offers can no longer be used if the confirmation of booking / invoice is send/e-mailed by Klippitznest.

6. Extra costs
6.1 You / the tenant need to pay Klippitznest 14 days before the rental period commences for cleaning, bed linen, tourist tax and possible other levies. The same applies for the deposit (see Article 12).

7. Payments
7.1 You shall immediately within 14 days after the date of confirmation/invoice of the reservation pay 25% of the rent to Klippitznest.
7.2 The remaining amount of the rent must be received by Klippitznest at the latest 8 weeks before the date of commencement of the stay at Klippitznest as specified in the confirmation of the reservation.
7.3 When booking within 8 weeks before your stay, the total amount is to be paid at once. In the absence of a payment in accordance with the above Klippitznest can deny you the use of the accommodation.
7.4 In case of late payment of these amounts you will be immediately after these deadline for payment in default. In that case Klippitznest will contact you and allow you to comply within 7 days. If payment fails even then, Klippitznest reserves the right to cancel the contract from the day the period of 7 days has passed and you are liable for all damages Klippitznest consequently suffers or will suffer, including all costs associated with your reservation and to make the dissolution. Klippitznest in any case is entitled to a cancellation fee to charge accommodation. In such case the provisions of Article 13 shall apply.
7.5 Klippitznest has the right to settle with you any outstanding invoice that needs to be paid by you for whatever reason.

8. Arrivals and departures
8.1 The rented accommodation is available on the agreed date of arrival as indicated on the confirmation of the reservation, from 15:00 hours. On the agreed day of departure as stated on the confirmation of booking the accommodation must be left before 10:00.
8.2 If the use of the accommodation terminated earlier than the agreed date, as stated on the confirmation of the booking, the tenant has no right to restitution of (part of) the rent and / or costs.

9. Rules
9.1 All guests must adhere to the Klippitznest established house rules.
9.2 In accordance with local regulations it is Klippitznest is obliged to check your identity. If guests can not show identification, Klippitznest is not allowed to host the guests.
9.3 The accommodation may be occupied only by the number of people agreed as stated in the reservation.
9.5 Klippitznest reserves the right to make changes in the structure and facilities of the accommodation. In order to carry out necessary maintenance during your stay at Klippitznest you will grant access to the house. You will not be compensated for this.
9.6 For reasons of security your are not allowed to place tents near the accommodation.
9.7 The tenant should leave accommodation clean at departure (i.e. not leave dirty dishes, pick up and fold linens, clean the kitchen, empty the refrigerator and not leave any garbage.
9.8 The renter and users are obliged to hire bed linen from Klippitznest.
9.9 In violation of the rules contained in this agreement, local regulations and / or regulations and failure to follow instructions of the caretaker Klippitznest has the right to remove you, the tenant and any other user immediately, without refund of rent etc.

10. Pets
10.1 Pets of tenants and their visitors are not allowed.

11. Broken, missing
11.1 The tenant named on the confirmation of the reservation is and remains responsible for the entire part.
11.2 In addition, the tenant is also liable for all. Any damage by the tenant should be reported immediately to Klippitznest and reimbursed, unless the tenant can show that the occurrence of the damage is not due to fault of themselves, other users or members of his party.

12. Deposit
12.1 Klippitznest will require from you at the start of the holiday deposit in the amount of € 250, – for the accommodation. This deposit is together with the additional costs (see Art. 6) 14 days before the rental period to be received by Klippitznest.
12.2 If you fail to pay the deposit to Klippitznest you will be in default and Klippitznest is entitled to cancel the contract with immediate effect.
12.3 The deposit or any balance thereof after payment of claims know to date will be refunded one week after you have left also taking into account the provisions of Article 9. , leave. Any claims received after that time will still need to be compensated.

13. Cancellation fee
13.1 If a reservation is canceled, a cancellation fee applies. This fee amounts to 100% of the amount/rent already paid or due.
13.2 You can insure against this risk by simultaneously with your booking insure against this risk (cancellation insurance) with your insurer.
13.3 If you within 24 hours after the agreed date without further notice have not arrived, this is regarded as a cancellation.

14. Advance reservation
14.1 The opportunity exists to make a reservation for a period when the rates have not yet been published. In which case a deposit € 200, – is requested to be settled with the final reservation/invoice. If no final reservation is made the deposit will be refunded asap.

15. Force majeure and changes
15.1 In case Klippitznest is temporarily not able to carry out as agreed Klippitznest will send you within 14 days after it became aware of the impossibility to fulfill the contract a new proposal (other accommodation / other period etc.).
15.2 Force majeure on the side of Klippitznest exists if the execution of the contract in whole or in part, whether temporarily prevented by circumstances beyond the control of Klippitznest located, including such fire, extreme weather, blockades, strikes and other human disturbances or events.